Beautiful Bridal portraits at golden hour - Barr Beacon, Walsall, UK

Talk to any photographer and most likely they will always say Golden hour is their favourite time to shoot unless they’re into Astro photography and hate even the mere mention of light. Here are two photographs I photographed a while back but i thought i should do a breakdown on how these images were put together.

The location is Barr Beacon, its a small park with a forest area in Walsall, Birmingham. The park itself is pretty accessible and thats exactly what we needed as we had a van full of props. Which we ended up scattering around our scene, it was a lot of trial and error as the props were very random and after all we were in the middle of a park.

I was shooting on a Canon 5D mk3 along with a pair of Profoto B1s with a shoot through umbrella attached on both lights, these things are amazing so easy to set up and last pretty much all shoot i still had 50% battery life left at the end of the shoot. I used one as a backlight to create some separation between the cloudy background and the bride. This light was mainly there to just add a bit more oopmh to the natural sunlight. We ended up spending most of our day setting up props so by the time we got around to shooting the sun had just dipped behind a cloud.

The backlight just added a few extra stops of power to mimic sunlight. The main light was positioned in front overhanging at a slight angle to create a Rembrandt effect. I find myself always almost lighting everything with Rembrandt lighting or a beauty dish straight in the middle if i’m feeling edgy.

I like to use large modifers as it allows the model to have some room to move around while posing and it also helps build up a relationship when shooting. After all only professional models can pull of hundreds of poses while being cramped for space.

Beautiful bride photography at golden hour outdoors in nature

Once we had our shot we were walking back towards the cars as it was a wrap or almost a wrap as they say, when suddenly the sun just peaked over the clouds one last time before it finally set. I chucked on my nifty 50 and shot in complete natural light, I love how the 50mm doesn’t over compress the image as much as a 85mm or 135mm while at the same time not creating a bulbous look to the image which happens a lot when shooting wider.

bride photograph at golden hour in walsall

Jignesh Chauhan