Finding the Best Wedding Film Maker

Before we got real serious about wedding films a lot of our friends woulds ask us to help them find the best wedding videographer or wedding film company for their special day. Personally as a filmmaker I always used to lean towards guiding them on to someone who had a sense of visual flare or style to their films. To me wedding films which show the couples story yet are pieced together in a way where the viewer is lead on a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings and reminded of certain moments is a great wedding film.

If i’m not shooting, planning or editing i’m watching films out of which many turn out to be wedding films. I’ve come across hundreds if not thousands along the years. Some are absolutely mesmerising to watch and i’ve noticed over the past few years the quality of filmmaking has just gone up so high. Its probably because of equipment becoming so accessible which gives the ability to anyone with a vision to be able to create something worthy of the big screen. However at the same time i’ve seen films that are shot on iPhones yet still kept me gripped to the edge of my seat.

So how do I reply to anyone that asks me i want the best wedding videographer?

I start with what do they want from their wedding film, do they want a memento of the day and a film to remember what happened and someone to capture candid moments. Or do they want a stylistic film that leans towards a more cinematic approach rather than a documentary style. Both types of films are good but it all dwells down to what you want from your film. Are you going to play your film to remember your wedding day as it happened or do you want your wedding film to remind you of your love for each other and to tell the story of your love for one another for many generations to come.

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Jignesh Chauhan