The Ursa Mini Pro + Ambient Tungsten lighting + Badass barbers

Its crazy how many random things i get asked to film, usually its when i’m strolling around on shoots with my camera to my side is when i get approached for all sorts of jobs. Most the time they’re model portfolios or music videos. This time i was asked to create a promotional video for The Goodlife Barber shop in the great western arcade in Birmingham.

The shoot was pretty relaxed as we didn’t talk much about what we were going to shoot it was more of a ‘why don’t you come down and check the place out”. Which ended up in us just shooting some quick run and gun clips. The barber shop itself is littered with cool decor and has a very gentlemanly feel to it with rustic wooden and leather furniture scattered everywhere. The barbers at the place are also well dapped out and the lighting is one of the best i’ve seen at a barber shop, usually i find barber shops are too brightly lit and you would think so as they’re cutting hair and need to see everything in flat lighting. But at the Goodlife Barber shop they have tungsten lighting everywhere which gives everything a beautiful soft glow and is a dream to shoot in. I had my kino flos with me but ended up leaving them on the side and just shot everything in the ambient light present.

At first i thought the Black Magic Ursa would struggle with the lighting situation as it was low light but the Ursa’s managed to keep everything nice and clean at 400ASA. I find myself shooting in more and more dynamically lit places with the BMC Ursa Mini Pros.

Jignesh Chauhan