Botany Bay - Kiran + Rishi

We ended up shooting Rishi and Kiran’s pre shoot on what felt like the hottest day of summer. The location was Botany Bay which is a beach side area with magnificent white cliffs,. Unfortunately when we got their some of the areas were cordoned of with gates and barriers. Which wasn’t a problem as we are always prepared to still shoot and go ahead wth our plan in case of situations like these. After all good filmmaking is contingency planning.

We were accompanied by Amarjot Chana who was their photographer and was also prepared in situations like these. We find shoots always go a lot smoother when we’re working with like minded creative teams on the day as we end up helping each other which creates a better atmosphere for the bride and groom and theres something magical about working together to create something beautiful in the end.

By the time we got around to shooting it was around 2pm and the sun was beaming straight down onto us, this may sound nice but from a filming perspective this is a nightmare as the sun is always moving between takes and the harsh direct sunlight creates very strong shadows on the face. Which works well in fashion or if thats a certain look you are going for however we were going for a very soft and beautiful look which was pleasing to the eye. To combat this we had large shoot through reflectors which made shooting a lot faster than setting up lights as the reflectors enabled us to move around a lot faster and get more scenes and takes in before the sun set.

We spent the day wandering around Botany Bay taking turns shooting a bit of film and photography which made for a very efficient and relaxed shoot.

However all of this production work would never have looked as good if it weren’t for the amazing chemistry between Kiran and Rishi, they are natural stars in our eyes.

Also check out the talented Amarjot Chana who photographed their pre shoot

Jignesh Chauhan