Fashion Film - BTS

I always enjoy shooting fashion films, there’s always a sense of buzz flying around in the air when shooting them. Especially when you’re surrounded by a creative team of people.

The designer and stylist for the shoot was Amar Kular, he specialises in Asian fashion he stocks all sorts from Menswear, high fashion dresses and everything in between. He also made for a decent location reccee guy.


We shot a few scenes of the film in a spare room in his studio. The space was tight to shoot in but it had a huge window and everything including the walls even the chairs had an old crumbly white finish to it which gave a nice rustic look.


For the outdoor scenes we shot everything in the jewellery quarter area. The buildings here have a cool sense of character to them so it made for a great backdrop. The weather was also on our side and the sun was beaming straight down onto us, which created very harsh direct light but in this case it worked as we werent going for a soft beauty look but rather something a little more edgy.



All the scenes outdoors were shot in natural light and we didn’t use any scrims to soften the light. Instead we just positioned the model accordingly to where the sun was to give her rim light when needed. This also allowed Arshina Trivedi our beautiful model to move around more freely when posing, walking and strutting her stuff. I’m a big believer in allowing models creative freedom when posing. I find I always get the most out of a shoot when the model Is comfortable when expressing them self and being able to move around how you want helps.



The indoor scenes were lit using just the window light for a few scenes, the white walls created a nice fill. However now and again i did light up a few scenes with the Swift flexible lights, these little lights are my favourite new addition to my kit bag. They’re lightweight easy to pack away and punch a lot of power while maintaining great colour. I could also position them anywhere as they can bend into almost any gap.


The make up was done by Ravita Pannu who nailed every look. She also hooked us all up with great behind the scenes photos. The hair was done by Tarin who also nailed every look.



The colour grading process for any film is usually the most tedious for me as I’m always in a state of changing my mind every few minutes. One minute I’m leaning towards something very grundgy the next I’m going for something very saturated. Another reason I like shooting fashion films is because you can completely experiment with colours. For this film I graded the indoor scenes with extra red in the skin tones, some of the scenes have a complete blue wash because why not hey. The outdoor scenes were the trickiest to grade as the light is always ever changing and even more so when it’s just direct sunlight not going through diffusers sominkept these scenes pretty neutral with a hint of blue and green in the shadows.

Film - Luxstudio

Designer & Stylist - Amar Kular

Make up artist - Ravita Pannu

Hair stylist - Tarin

Model - Arshina Trivedi


Here is what we all created


Jignesh Chauhan