Louis & Rupica - Cinematic wedding film (Michigan,USA)

Rupica and Louis approached us earlier this year to film their wedding in Michigan, USA. They wanted something a little different as apposed to the standard wedding film. So who better to fly out to the USA for this?

From the get go we treat every wedding as an individual project, we like to understand and get to know the people we are filming so we can tell their story through our vision.

We started the film all on paper, we drew up a rough plan of what we wanted to achieve and built a storyboard around this. Once we had our film on paper the next step was to sort out the logistics, as with any destination shoot there are so many things to plan. From the dates we would be shooting, locations, timings and contingency planning.

The wedding film was split into a few key segments, first were the introductions we needed to tell the story of who Louis and Rupica are and what they mean to each other.

Louis was born and bred in Detroit so we just had to start the film with Detroit as a backdrop to set the scene. We didn’t make things easy for ourselves as we were aiming to create only a 10 minute short film. Now it may seem easy when you say 10 minutes but fitting in everything from the introductions, morning preps, couple shoot and ceremony was a tall order. Luckily we had everything planned in advance. Planning the whole film in advance leaves us on the day to openly think while shooting it also gives us room for spontaneous creativity, which is what we thrive on as filmmakers.

Another big part of this film was the equipment we were shooting on to create the true filmic look. It would of made sense for us to travel lightly but instead we took a pair of 4K production cameras, boom mics, kino flos, and countless grip equipment.

Filming in Detroit was an experience in itself the tall buildings made for a cool background and also gave us pockets of light everywhere to shoot. Which was the complete opposite from Castle Farms, which was the wedding venue. Castle Farms is a beautiful venue with open fields surrounding it for miles and the venue itself has some amazing locations to shoot in. The ceremony was outdoors and it was midday so the sun was beaming onto everyone creating harsh shadows. Luckily our cameras film 15 stops of dynamic range so we were able to keep everything exposed perfectly which would have been impossible with standard cameras.

The opening of the film starts with Louis wandering through the streets of Detroit and Rupica introducing her self in a more residential area of Michigan to show her calm ‘home girl’ nature. We had previously scouted both locations to work out what the best time was to shoot at each location. For the sound we used a boom mic and captured sound on location, ideally we would do this in a studio environment but we knew we would have been strapped for time so we carried a boom mic around with us. We prefer the sound of boom mics as they produce an organic sound with the right amount of ambience and they’re also great for recording multiple people having a conversation.

Another big part of the film was the preparations on the actual wedding day. We wanted to capture the real hustle and bustle of the family members all getting ready and the intimate conversations that happen just before the wedding so we kept our filming style very RAW rather than posed. It also added the feeling of realness to the video.

We wanted to create a film that held value for years way after the wedding, you know something you could watch and remember moments of how you felt walking down the isle, or what you were thinking during your first dance so we overlaid voice overs as a narrative throughout the film.

Here is the cinematic short of Louis and Rupica

Make up artist - Dolled up with Dina
DJ - DJ Tiger
Flowers - Thyme Hill Designs
Catering - Catering by Kelly's

Here is the cinematic short of Louis and Rupica