How we Shoot our Morning Bridal Scenes

It’s the wedding morning and we are at the brides house ready to film. Usually we get there just as she is nearly finished on her make up. we find this works best as if we are their to early it puts some pressure on the make up artist as the last thing they'll want to see if a bunch of cameras flying around when she’s half way through the make up. So getting there just before the make up is done gives us enough time to do a quick location recce to find the best spots to shoot our scenes and also gives us enough time to set up any lights or grip equipment we might be using.

The misconception everyone has is that it takes hours shooting the morning bridals but in actual fact we are usually done in 10 minutes. We don’t like to overshoot unnecessary shots, once we have what we need we move onto shooting the family or establishing shots rather than just overshoot the bride. We have witnessed many other companies just keep shooting bridals and by the end of the shoot the brides look as if they don’t want to see another camera man in sight.

Most the time we shoot the bridal scenes in the brides bedroom or any empty room available. We bring our own lights and can pretty much make any place look like a studio. For example the bridal shots from Manmit and Mandips wedding were all done in her front room with the use of one light panel and a prism to create depth and light artefacts.

The way we shoot bridals is heavily affected by the style of film we are shooting. Another example is Rupica and Louis’s wedding that we shot in Michigan, USA. We wanted to capture the atmosphere and rawness of the wedding morning so we shot the whole morning is a very over the shoulder kind of way. We captured the conversations everyone was having with one another and the hustle and bustle of getting the bridal party ready.

Sometimes weddings are just so hectic that we don’t have time to shoot bridal scenes but that doesn’t mean we aren’t prepared to shoot them anywhere. we always have our lights to hand, here is a wedding where we didn’t get a chance to shoot the bridal scenes in the morning so we captured them at the Gurudwara instead.

Jignesh Chauhan