Pinewood Studios - Kiran + Rishi

There are two reason we love filming weddings at the beautiful Pinewood studios, the first is when ever we end up shooting at pinewood studios the weather has always been amazing for us, touch wood. The second is their is always something cool going on such as the last time we were there a few scenes for the next bond film were being shot there. However this time we had the whole grounds to ourselves.

Pinewood studios is one of our favourite venues to shoot as the rooms inside have great large windows which fill the main hall with amazing light. The grounds are also huge and filled with pockets of character such as a little cave, bridge and magical mini forests within forests.

We shot everything on our production cameras which gave us great dynamic range so even when shooting with the outside fully exposed we could still pick up details inside the hall.

As it was an intimate event we shot in a very candid style and just picked up moments while being a fly on the wall.

Jignesh Chauhan